Are you aware of the serious gaps in the insurance liability coverage Uber and Lyft drivers carry?

There are huge questions about amount of insurance coverage carried by drivers for the shared ride services. Uber and Lyft claim they will honor all insurance claims brought by their drivers, their clients and any people or property injured or damaged for accident that occur while the driver is transporting his passenger. Who then is responsible for injury or damage caused by a driver between the time he accepts an assignment through the company’s ap and the time the client has enters his car? If the shared ride service denies any responsibility, does the driver carry enough personal insurance to pay for serious injuries to pedestrians or other drivers? Even if the driver’s personal insurance honors any claims, does he have enough coverage to pay the medical and property damage costs? What happens if you are struck by a driver who is economizing by neglecting to tell his insurance company that he is using his car for a business activity. He may truly believe he doesn’t need to get commercial insurance coverage or he may just be in denial. Either way, as a trusting client or even an unwitting pedestrian or driver, you may find yourself paying out of pocket for injuries or property damage you incurred. Even if Uber or Lyft accept responsibility, what are an injured party’s chances of reaching a fair settlement against such enormous corporations? Even if a shared ride driver tries to do the right thing by purchasing commercial insurance coverage, the premium is likely to be so expensive that driving part-time for these services is unrealistic. The following article explains the problem in more detail – Here is link to article that examines other serious questions about shared ride services – While we’re at it, what kind of liability coverage do the thousands, perhaps millions, of delivery drivers carry while making pocket money by delivering pizza and other food orders or merchandise orders using their employers’, or especially, their own cars?

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