Prof. Wolff Debates Labor Theory of Value

Prof. Wolff debates libertarian Antony Sammeroff on the Labor Theory of Value on the Lions of Liberty Podcast, hosted by Marc Clair. Prof. Wolff debates from a Marxist economist position vs. Sammeroff's free market libertarian position. 

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  • sue downs
    commented 2019-07-16 16:50:59 -0400
    It seems to me during debates such as the one between Antony Sumeroff and Professor Wolff, there are just too many details to cover and analyze of each kind of society each person is working to envision.

    I felt Antony was looking at society from the angle of Consumption, consumers and even people themselves seemed like walking commodities from this angle. I wonder if in an era of environmental disaster it might be best not to concentrate from that angle. Maybe it is best to look at human welfare from a workplace conditions angle. So to ensure people have the best conditions for creativity and cooperative projects to help earth’s environment it is maybe best for people to have democracy at work. This might put emphasis on the joy of working together in a pleasant environment to improve life.

    Maybe we could develop a society where people move away from the idea that accumulating things is the way to become happy —creating enormous waste types of consumption that destroy earth.