Oppression of youth and role of educators in Marxian analysis

I have noticed that there is a particular form of oppression that seems to me to be increasing; the oppression and exploitation of young people. This takes many forms, from outright social hostility to infantilisation, to media denigration, to increased criminalisation of even very young children (Henry Giroux covers this well), to economic exploitation on a scale we haven't often seen. I wonder if Dr Fraad would be able to talk about the psychohistorical reasons for the fear and hatred a capitalist society seems to have towards youth? And whether Dr Wolff could address the economic implications of a generation of youth crushed under unprecedented debts, with precarious or nonexistent future employment opportunities? As a corollary, what role do we as educators have in Marxian analysis? Are we labourers? Part of the middle class? Something different? What is our function from a Marxian perspective? Just to reproduce labour? Or can we (do we) have a more liberating function economically? Thanks!

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