Why the feminist confuses inherent biological differences,abilities with Economicof Emotional Labor?

Prof of economy got a hardcore feminist on his panel. I got one thing to that sexist feminist guest of his, BIOLOGY. IF women had as much testosterone as in men , their voice and muscle mass would be that of men, ( and female guest is clearly on her menopause from the sound of her vice ..) and IF men had that ample estrogen supply of of women they could clearly do much better on emotional intelligence. IF women wants muscle they get a worker and when men need emotional giving being they get female front office. AND IF THE PROFESSOR GET IT ALL CONFUSED WITH THE MENOPAUSAL FEMINIST THERE'S A LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND.HOT SHOT FILTHY RICH SINGLE MEN LOVE THEIR CARS OF COURSE TAKING OF THEIR TOYS PAY MORE THAN AN AVERAGE CHILD CARE. well this is most stupid discussion I have heard from prof, thanks to that nuts feminist with all her complexity of menopausal age and loneliness. FOR Christ's sake BAN bringing feminist to any discussion. and for my fellow brothers and sister I ask you watch " The Red Pill"

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