Lease Economy

The current model is NOT fixable from the standpoint of long-term sustainability! We are all now witnessing the accelerating death of a very bad designed model. There are no more good ways to get life improvement for all out of it. More and more we are seeing inequality on the rise as those with the power take from the less powerful. We are all wasting our time and jeopardizing our kids and grandkid's futures trying to fix this old model. It was doomed from the start because it was created based on too many negative concepts: 1) unlimited natural resources; 2) insufficiency for all; 3) leadership based on I'm more powerful than you; 4) corruption is OK; 5) concentrated power is the only thing that works; etc. What we need more than anything else right now is a new found sense of hope for the possibility of improvement in the future. I give you for consideration one possible new model. I call it the Lease Economy. It looks very different than our present model. Probably best to shift into sci-fi digestion mode. But within I hope you can see the promise of these radically different concepts. This is just a starting place for our collective imagination. It is by no means "The solution." My objective is to get everyone to shift effort away from trying to fix what is not fixable and instead put concerted effort into building toward something that promises real future improvement. Anything GREAT always starts within our imaginations, especially improvement possibility. I invite you to work with me to imagine and morph improvement into this Lease Economy model story. Let's together co-create a smooth (non-violent) transition plan from our present model to something that guarantees continuity of "great lives for all" into the long-term future.

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  • Joe Shumaker
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2016-10-12 09:55:21 -0400