What is America began as a socialist society.

I am interested in writing a novel that delivers two different points. Learning about how socialism actually works as well as painting a different view of the world. So I want to write a chronological story about America from 1776 to today but with a socialist economic system. Can you describe to me how society would be different? How our society would have evolved differently? I think it is easier to imagine how socialism would have started and evolved then to just imagine how today's society would be.

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Briefly, the US in that counterfactual imaginary would have been composed of worker cooperatives in agriculture, industry and trade and finance. Assemblies of such democratically organized worker cooperatives would have decided on the macro-level mechanisms for distributing resources and products and for determining investments, savings, productivity changes and how the gains from productivity changes would be distributed (as more output vs more leisure) and so on. It would have been a radically different social system with radically different impacts on its citizens and the world. Its impact on key global economies like the British, German, Chinese and Japanese wold be a fascinating topic to speculate about. Good luck with the novel: great idea.

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