GM CEO Mary Barra says "The world needs more coders." Misleading?

Maybe she really means, "No coders willing to work for Chinese / Indian-level compensation." When I graduated finished Cal in 1979, my CSEE friends all got great jobs in Silicon Valley, or even Detroit. Those companies knew they had to be trained, and after two years they moved laterally to other companies. But many of those jobs were sent to China or India, for a fraction of a US wage. At GM and Ford in 1980 you had to know how to work on a Cray or CDC supercomputer, so you had to learn that on the job. How many 2017 CS, EE, and IT graduates can't get jobs? Perhaps the problem is capitalism, again. 'We don't want to pay you, and we don't want to train you.'

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Yes, indeed, and that represents one of the great challenges now undermining higher education for most in the US. Corps that used to hire from and therefore fund US colleges and universities are now focusing their funding to where they are now hiring, namely China, India, Brazil etc. That is one result of making the funding of higher education dependent on private corporate funding....something most other industrialized, high-income countries do not do.

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