Loud & Clear: The Latest Economic News of the Week with Prof Wolff

Prof. Wolff joins Loud & Clear's Brian Becker to discuss the latest economic news of the week.

"It is the tradition in this country that anything having to do with taxation or spending of money has to be approved by the Congress, etc, etc. So, if he actually tries to do something, my assumption is the Democrats will immediately go to court to stop it, and then it will go up through the courts and get some sort of determination. I assume at the Supreme Court, which will, given what it has been doing recently, probably cut, split the difference. Let him do some things, not let him do other things, and then we will probably be back to square one, or perhaps a bit further behind, because of the time taken to do this. So, it’s anybody’s guess exactly where this ends up. But once you go through it and see what he is actually proposing, it’s scary enough that if the Democrats block it, we are in trouble. And if the Democrats don’t block it, or can’t block it, we will also be in trouble. So, these are not adequate solutions to the problems we face.”


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