Prof. Wolff on Loud & Clear: Bailout, Coronavirus, the Economy, Jobs and Trump

Prof. Wolff joins Loud & Clear to talk about the potential bailout, Coronavirus, the economy, jobs and Trump.

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  • Richard Lieber
    commented 2020-03-26 15:44:47 -0400
    The American super rich are living under the benefits of socialism, because they are being gifted all kinds of perks, tax breaks, tax deductions, political power and influence and favors by this government that are bribed by the wealthy which in this country we call contributions to make what is corrupt legal, while we middle class live under their “corrupt capitalism” for their profit and pleasure. The proof is that the 5% have more wealth than all the rest of society put together. Airlines for example are being bailed out even though they made record profits for several years and have plenty of assets and don’t really need help, rich mega banks and many others are also being bailed out that squandered and over paid CEO’s with our saving in their banks. Then they insulted us by buying back there stocks to enrich themselves even more, rather then building a more secure and better and effect system, and knowing this will eventually be at the expense of middle class, All this happening while at the same time the government promises to loan with interest a meager amount that is supposedly going to pump up or revive the economy, as if we the middle class are responsible for the decline of this broken economy even though we built the whole economy at its best through many generations of hard work. It is clearly the government and the super wealthy that are responsible for most of the destruction that may take us to the edge of the greatest depression yet. It is interesting that our government has NEVER admitted that it is at fault for the failure of the economy, instead they blamed China, then most recently the Virus and who knows what next they will blame for there failures.The result is we get the crumbs while the rich eat the cake and are off somewhere in a safe place with their stock pile of Gold and silver coins drinking and eating and getting fatter as if there is no tomorrow, at the expense of the working class that they suppressed under what is called by them capitalism which should be called Corrupt Capitalism, while they get all the benefits from what they criticize and label socialism and that is another reason why the government is broke.