What else can I do to protect my 401k?

My secretarial position is becoming technologically obsolete. If I can work another 5 years, I will be 62. I think we're in a bubble or government meltdown and have reallocated my 401k money into international bonds and international stocks but also have a Target 2020 fund that have US stocks/bonds. What else can I do to protect the money I have? I am afraid of another 2008 when workers' 401k lost half their money and no time to recoup.

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It is both unethical and illegal for me to offer investment advice without the requisite credentials and without knowing in detail what your financial goals and resources are. Hence, please understand that nothing here entails a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any partricular security or other investment vehicle. My comments here are about general economic conditions, events, trends and so on


That said, let me only remind you that capitalist economies have economic downturns, on average, every 4-7 years and that the last downturn in the US was in 2008-09. Do the math. This is therefore a dangerous time for the stock market and all whose economic wellbeing depends upon it.

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  • Linda Casne
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    Thank you so much for your quick response. I listen to you on youtube and always appreciate a great teacher.
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