Letters & Politics: Previewing the DNC & Trump’s Executive Orders for Economic Relief in the Times of Corona

Prof. Wolff joins Mitch Jeserich on Letters and Politics to discuss the latest orders by Trump for unemployed Americans and what the DNC is countering with. 

"[T]he worst condition fo the American Economic system in my lifetime. Nothing else is even close, and the only thing I can say beyond that, is that when I meet periodically with my colleagues, economists like me, on the left, on the right and in the middle, we do not agree on how we got into this situation, and we do not agree on how to get out of it. But we are amazed to discover, that we do agree on what I just said. For them as for me, this is the worst condition of the economic system we live in. And the scariest part is that the failure of our political system is even worse, at a time when we desperately need it to be so much better."

Listen to the full interview here.

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