Linking Subsidies to Corporations with Actual Number of Jobs Created

Hi Professor, I was looking on a site called Good Jobs First, where they have compiled a detailed list of all of the subsidies (corporate welfare) that every company gets. It is really quite detailed, they have a subsidy tracker and you can refine your search by parent company, type of subsidy etc, In addition, they have reports that you can read detailing their findings. I thought you might find it useful. I initially went there to see if I could find a direct correlation between the amount a company receives from the government and the actual number of jobs that were created as a result of a particular project. Since the typical justification for these handouts is that it will create jobs, it occurred to me that if there was a way to link the money these giant companies take, with the number of jobs they actually produce, then that would be a concrete way to defuse the job creation invocation, which has a way of stopping a discussion in its tracks. In their report, they rate companies based upon their ability to meet job creation requirements, but I didn't see any specific numbers (like Boeing took 2.8 billion and the project created 4,200 jobs or something like that) If such a chart exists, maybe you know where to find it. Anyway, I hope the site is of use to you and perhaps you could discuss the subsidy to actual jobs created ratio on an upcoming show. Thanks so much, I really enjoy and value your show. Lee Metcalf

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  • lee metcalf
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-02-26 01:41:15 -0500