Can You Elaborate On Your Linkage of Turkey Coup Attempt With Smedley Butler on KBOO?

Dear Prof. Wolff, Thank you for appearing for the full hour on Po'town, Ore's community radio station KBOO this morning, with interview conducted by Per Fagereng. In the phone-in caller section about the social forces leading to the creation of Social Security and Unemployment Insurance by FDR in the wake of the NOT-SO-GREAT-DEPRESSION when the U.S. Treasury was broke and not one but 2 Socialist Parties were pressuring the 2-Party Duopoly a caller asked your opinion about General Smedley Butler's revelations of a plot to overthrow FDR's administration. You implied without elaborating that the events in Turkey last week, the attempted military coup to topple the Erdogan regime had some economic causes like the pressures FDR brought to bear on the Robber Barons and their LLC's to accept a new tax burden to pay for the federal government's planned Social Security and Unemployment Insurance programs. Can you elaborate or clarify since even in the non-advertiser driven journalism I followed last weekend and since of the events in Turkey, no such economic factor was cited. Thanks, Mitch Ritter Lay-Low Studios Media Discussion List, Ore-Wa

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  • Mitch Ritter
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2016-07-20 13:27:19 -0400