Socialist Entrepreneurship

Hello Professor. I thoroughly enjoyed your recent interview on Chapo. I am a democratic socialist and happen to own a small business. It feels very tough to reconcile my left views with running a business in a society with little safety nets for my employees. I try to do the best I can for my employees while still turning a profit in order to keep my enterprise afloat. One example of the challenges I face is that If I pay my staff too much money "on the books" they will be kicked off medicaid. Yet there is no way they could buy private health insurance with the wages I can afford (myself and business partners can not even afford to purchase insurance, I'm lucky enough to have a wife who can put me on her student plan). More than a specific question do you have any advice, resources or suggested reading for an small level entrepreneur who is fed up with capitalism but relies on his business for a living (and enjoys entrepreneurship).

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