Drug prices?

Professor Wolff, Here's something weird. When my wife and I return to the US from Mexico every couple of years we check-in with doctors. (Medicare doesn't cover you when you are outside of the US.) The doc prescribed generic Flow Maxx. ( At your age you may already know what this is for.) So as I was dealing with the paperwork on the way out I saw a little sign and a stack of cards about something called GOODRx which advised me to take a card and take it to my pharmacy when I had my prescription filled and I would save some money. So I did. I don't usually fall for stuff like this but in this case I was glad I did. To make a long story short, before I mentioned the card at the drug store the charge for my prescription was $86. But after consulting with someone or something online the clerk reduced the cost to $27. Anyone who didn't know about this would have paid the full $86 and known no better. Furthermore, after I checked out the GOODRx app I learned that at another nearby pharmacy I could have gotten the same quantity of the same drug for $15! What the hell is going on? I'm sure CVS is still making a nice profit at $27. If you have time look into it. Thanks for your hard and diligent work. Keep it up! Kenneth Hunt

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  • Kenneth Hunt
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-04-25 18:04:17 -0400