Transnational Co-Ops?

A big part of my education is actually talking to latino day laborers ( and getting into a fight with three bicyclists who jumped a guatamalan under the freeway separating our two communities) and my apartment complex nieghbors from India working at a nearby pharmaceutical company. We talk about Co-Ops and the possibility of international associations or collaboraations came up. You've spoken about the Spanish group offering training. Are there other links forming?

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Yes, there is no problem in considering transnational coops. As with their capitalist counterparts, worker coops spanning countries would need to accommodate the different nations with which they interact and interdepend. Spain's Mondragon Cooperative Corporation - whose Mondragon University offers courses to people on how to start, finance, manage, etc worker coops - offers its experience and courses to people across the world and is itself a transational corporation. Thus it is in a fine position to advise and train others to move in the same directions.

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