What steps can a person do to join a national or international coop?

Hi Professor Wolff, Thank-you very much for your excellent and insightful GCM's and weekly economic updates and for taking the time to read my question. I am a 35 year old, caucasian male with a communication degree and an information systems degree - a sucker for learning. I agree with a lot of your world views. I have an interest in creating and/or participating in worker cooperatives but I have limited capital, resources and influence. I also agree with Noam Chomsky's perspectives, and, perhaps more surprising or interestingly, Nassim Taleb's views on risk. Ideally, I'd love to work/cooperate with people with a reasonable understanding of these views to create a genuine, cooperative consultancy. What general steps could I take to create or join this type of national or international coop? I should mention I am not a U.S. citizen. Cheers.

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There are some cooperative consultancies, but I am not familiar with their rules for adding member etc. What is more needed is for interested, committed people like yourself to start them. For a few years, I and my associates have been pondering how to organize a website that would serve as a kind of clearing house where individuals with your interests could register for others to find you as you would find them to build the cooperative sectors of economies all over the world. The point would be to institutionalize a fuller response to the questions you pose than I can do ad hoc here and now. Thanks for your kind words about out work.

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  • John Stewart
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    Hi Professor Wolff, thanks for the quick reply. I’d be very interested to participate and cooperate with you and your associates on this project. I think it would be extremely beneficial and advantageous. How could I follow-up with you and/or your associates to contribute to this project? Regards.
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