How would you best serve us--as Treasurer, or Sec. of Labor?

If I wanted to radically transform our economy, creating coops and a Public Bank, how would you best serve us--as Treasurer, or Sec. of Labor? If in an alternative universe, one was elected as President, (of an Eco-socialist, Green Party nature), and wanted to transform American policies, by radically stimulating and subsidizing cooperatives, and creating a green workers program (‘A green new deal’) –not bailing out corporations too big to fail— and creating a strong public credit union (even making the Federal Reserve a pubic credit union), a progressive tax on the rich, earth resource taxes, pollution taxes, etc. and wanted to pick you (with advice and consent) as a member of cabinet and special counsel, would you best serve as the Treasurer, the Secretary of Labor, or even Secretary of Commerce? Would you serve comfortably with Joseph Stiglitz? And what advice would you give such a president--tactical plan? I have drawn up a whole book of my dream team, though I am afraid if in some fantastic world I reached this dizzying height, with eco-socialists, Greens, and progressives in Congress, you might be of an age...and if so, whom would you recommend to replace you on my dream team? I am currently 40 years old and never ran for office. But I hope to. And I have worked out radical and appealing polices and tactics to get elected. Please Humor me. Thank you very much. Joshua Bigley.

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  • joshua bigley
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-02-17 18:58:41 -0500