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Hello. I have just watched a lecture you have given to the carpenters union, and to my (great) surprise the idea of giving businesses to the workforce at the point that the owner leaves is already practice ! I've written a book about economics in general, that made that one of the 3 main economic points to be achieved: companies that loose the starter and have more then 10 employees, will be owned by the workforce, the owner is compensated. However I do not think this goes far enough, because we must also own the soil, and we must destroy the Oligarchy directly, or they will crush everything. We also need a democratic Government, where those elected are on immediate and effective recall by electing them by citizen groups of only 50 persons. I've worked all this out in great detail over the last almost 15 years, and wondered if you would like to have a look. It's free and public domain, although can also be bought, I can send you a free copy if you want. It also comes with fairly complete or say strategic planning for how to change society, from economics to politics but also Revolution and if need be going to arms in such a way as to minimize the dangers thereof (which are of course quite considerable). Thank you. I've also written free democracy software (which was internationally published, GNU/Linux program 'sede'), meant to be used to make company democracy electronic, verified and efficient, perhaps this is of use to you (all free to get with source code). See www.socialism.nl best regards ! Let's take the power, the people take the power !!!

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  • Jos Boersema
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