What will happen to the one-percenters infrastructure in the post capitalist world?

In a post-capitalist world with distribution of wealth and income much less unequal than it is now, what will happen to the vast wealth infrastructure that the wealthiest people now enjoy?The wealth infrastructure I'm referring to includes everything you can imagine that can only be sustained by excessive accumulations of wealth. The multiple lavish homes, the vast private property holdings, the yachts, the private jets, the country clubs, etc. etc. The wealth infrastructure also includes the many people whom the wealthy hire to satisfy their every desire. What happens to all of it when inequality is greatly reduced?

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That is among the transitions/transformations that should be determined democratically. Because any social movement strong enough to move beyond capitalism and its grotesquely unequal distributions of wealth and income will also be strong enough to guarantee personally meaningful, socially useful work to all able-bodied adults, I suspect there will be a massive reorganization of our societies. Many kinds of personal services now provided to the rich will be reoriented to become social services provided to all or else ended with the providers retrained for other jobs. Facilities that once served the rich will be restructured to be public assets. Just as factories, churches, malls, etc that could no longer survive as their populations abandoned them were eventually refashioned to become schools, art centers, community centers, clinics, and so on, a parallel refashioning would likely attend the end of contemporary capitalism's extremes of inequality.

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