Can you elaborate on the Marxist concept of society eventually becoming stateless?

As you know, Marx stated that society must go through a transitional socialist period of development before full communism can be accomplished. At this point he states that society would be stateless. I certainly can understand why much of the state would wither away, such as a simple algorithm for a guaranteed minimum income being implemented to replace much of the bureaucracy of individual welfare programs. Marxism seems very practical in its critique of capitalism and proposed solutions. But, I am struggling to envision the concept of a stateless society actually being accomplished. Won't institutions such as basic law-making bodies and police always be necessary in the form of a state, and perhaps we just take the approach of minimizing their ill effects with democratic safeguards? Or was Marx's definition of 'stateless' different from the modern common understanding of the word?

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Marx did not write much on these topics, so a sense of his meaning needs to be constructed from his fragmentary comments. This adds to the variety of possible interpretations.

Mine is this: for Marx the state has usually been the instrument of the ruling class to operate, manage, consolidate the rule of one class over another: masters over slaves, feudal lords over serfs, and employers over employees in capitalism. Once class differences are genuinely overcome - that is, the people producing surpluses by their labor are likewise the same people who receive and decide what to do with those surpluses -  then a state apparatus to enforce class differences ceases to be needed socially and "withers away." However, other functions of states - for example, to adjudicate disputes, make laws and rules, etc. might well remain if and to the extent that what Marx called classless societies (communist) wanted them.

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    Less state control and class has to be a positive. It would be good if laws operated through the NAP, Non Aggressive Principle. This would act as a firewall and safeguard.
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