Sir Philip Green

I was wondering Richard if you had any prior knowledge of the UK 'business man' Sir Philip Green? His knighthood, almost certainly bought (which if you pay the right person you can purchase as easily as you can a chocolate bar - see the 2006/2007 'Cash for Honours scandal), stands as a sarcastic joke for the thousands of workers he has abused over the years. A self-made billionaire, he has most recently become involved in a pensions controversy in the UK, whereby he purchased a British apartment store, BHS, as part of his Arcadia Group, a retail company that includes Topshop, Topman, Wallis, Evans, Burton, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, and Outfit, of which he is chairman. He took as much money out as he could for him and his family, and sold the poorly performing store chain for £1, leaving it with a pension deficit for it's workers to the tune of roughly £600 million, more or less the same amount he took out of the business. He was due to be discussing this issue with the government, but was recently found by a journalist to be on a yacht at the time, and Green assaulted the journalist who found him. He really is a monument to the worst excesses of CEO's under UK capitalism, and he been involved in many scandals throughout his life including a issue with tax avoidance and workers rights exploitation. Although you could devote an entire hour to his behaviour and nonferrous practices, I would be grateful if you would include some discussion about him on your next broadcast. I have not heard of you discuss him in the past, and he seems to neatly summarise the behavioural practices of big business owners - except this one got found out. He is currently under no real pressure from anyone political or otherwise and stands unpunished because of his wealth and friends in the press.

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