Many of us are interested in how stock markets work as well as history of their development.

... are stocks & stock markets beneficial or not & for whom, as well as history of development. Considering Peter Josephs thoughts/work I feel vindicated in my long held belief that stock markets, banks, wars, even gov't, etc., are primarily tools of the 1% etc. to promote the uphill flow of cash to the money-hoarders. I use the term money-hoarders now for several years since what many/most people have in community, family, friends, home, etc. is true wealth, we just have a lot less money then the "1%" who use they time to learn how to collect/hoard money... thus they are money-hoarders. Likely you have already done a talk about how stock markets work... if so please post link to video, etc... ... as you know, to learn how to change or repair something, one needs to know how it works, so we can think about how to change it. In this case we think we need to subvert and end this capitalistic mayhem of making money without producing anything and without work. And... If/when the capitalistic system ends what happens to the stock market and all the investments of the average person will lose. How do we protect ourselves? Considering that the 1% own about 83% of the entire market they have more to lose, amount wise, but we have more to lose in that we have no reserves. They can "weather storms," we cannot. Does that really matter since we could, likely will, rebuild via worker-owned business & localized economies. In a more socialized economy based on local worker-owned business it there a place for stock markets, i.e. current workers moving current investment to local business? reasonable, irrelevant? Do you have investments in stocks? in general... perhaps as we learn to prepare for capitalism's collapse we should move 401k and other stock investments to local municipal bonds, local business, etc., invest in startup worker-owned business? What would you do? What are you doing? Where, in general, if any, are your investments? We very much appreciate your time and effort in teaching us!!! Keep up the good work!

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  • Devin McPherson
    commented 2017-09-15 19:47:56 -0400
    Peter Joseph is creating some interesting ideas. I like the Zeitgeist movements resource based economy model but I think the city concepts are too sterile and almost childishly Sci-Fi.
  • Devin McPherson
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  • Larry Kulick
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-09-08 16:43:42 -0400