Salon: Is the U.S. a failed state in 2020?

Is the U.S. a failed state in 2020? Experts' answers range from "maybe" to "hell, yes"
A massive economic collapse, a pandemic and a democratic crisis — on top of massive inequality. It's not great.

Richard Wolff was interviewed for this piece in Salon.

"Americans have maintained the illusion of prosperity by accruing massive debt, Wolff told Salon, comparing the nation's situation to that of 'a patient who has had a really bad cancer or a heart attack, and is now kept alive with tubes and chemicals and all the rest of it. He is not dead, but is in deep trouble. That problem is compounded,' Wolff said, 'by the fact that this is a society cannot, to this day, face what I just said.'"

Read the full piece in Salon.


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