acTVism Munich: Is the Solution Reform or Revolution?

Professor Wolff talks with acTVism Munich about whether the solutions to today’s socio-economic problems lie within reform or revolution.


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  • Anonymous
    commented 2017-12-04 13:01:12 -0500
    Which revolution did make the lives of ordinary people better?

    Usually, after a revolution, another group seizes power and behaves no better than the old rulers. A lot of reforms over time are necessary to bring relief to the people.

    Wich revolution did make peoples lives better without extensive reforms afterwards? Wich revolution freed people for eternity without new elites seizing power? Name your successful revolution!

    There is another dark side to the revolution theory. Ordinary people want reform instead. People are afraid, they don’t to get even more in distress and they want very concrete ideas, not vague ones.

    So what do you do? Is your strategy to watch people suffer until they do as you want? No relief, no better world in the meantime with reforms? Is it to punish people because they think and feel different from you?

    I am with German economist Heiner Flassbeck. He was chief economist with the UN. He has plans for reforms (for Germany and the EU) that would bring major improvements for peoples lives with reforms. Many of his ideas are already popular.

    Once you can do successful reforms, than you can do more of them. You can take power away from the rich and from the system of capitalism, organize alternatives at “markets” where capitalism brings horrific results. You can redistribute wealth and income. You can bring more power and democracy to workers. Reforms can do that.