Insults Fly in French Debate -BBC Business Matters

Prof. Wolff joins Roger Hearing on BBC's Business Matters to talk about the French elections, immigration and more.

With only a few days until France heads to the polls the debate is heating up. On Wednesday evening the candidates clashed in a spirited head-to-head live on French television. Alberto Alemanno,

With immigration and employment becoming twin political flashpoints across the globe, the latest country to tighten up its visa rules is Australia. 

Opposition protesters have clashed with riot police in cities across Venezuela. The latest anger is fueled by President Nicolas Maduro's recent decree that creates a 500-member constituent body to rewrite the constitution. 

Department stores used to be the giants of the retail world. More recently though they've seen massive closures and a huge shift of employment away from the sector as shopping habits change. Is this decline terminal? We debate the issues with our panel.

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