Can I suggest a Wolff/Lessig ticket for 2020?

Honestly, I think that by 2020, a joint ticket of you Dr. Wolff, and Dr. Lessig, would be feasible in terms of the presidential election. People are clamouring more and more for choices farther to the left, and this ticket which would be the most academically qualified ticket EVER would help shift the discussion in that direction, and perhaps even pick up a lot of traction. I think that if you two ran in the Democratic Primary (granted, not a fan of the DNC or the Democratic Party, but in order to shift the narrative to the left, this would be the way to get the biggest voice), other democratic candidates would be forced to shift their positions to not allow you sole access to that platform. If Bernie is also running again, that would be two tickets running on the left, which would force all the others to shift even more. Just an idea, but I really think you should think into it!

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  • Henry Hakamaki
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  • Henry Hakamaki
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