How Capitalism and Racism Support Each Other


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Capitalism's supporters use and benefit from a racism whose practice and consequences should be blamed on capitalism itself.

"Racism" is so often applied to US prison statistics and policing; to data on differences in employment, housing, wealth and income distributions, college enrollments, film awards, and so much more; and to hardening hostilities toward immigration. At the same time, racism is so often condemned -- at least in mainstream media, dominant political circles and most intellectual and academic institutions. Racism's persistence where the capitalist economic system prevails raises the question of the connection between capitalism and racism.  READ MORE


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    commented 2024-05-02 19:07:33 -0400
    The intricate relationship between capitalism and racism intertwines economic exploitation with systemic discrimination, perpetuating inequalities across society. Studying this nexus is crucial for understanding the mechanisms at play. Delving into scholarly works can provide insights into historical contexts, power dynamics, and structural biases. To grasp the complexities of this issue, obtain some help on the subject to cite my paper for me and unravel the interconnected webs of capitalism and racism.