Using Professionals Over 50 To Assist in Creating Worker Coops?

Dr. Wolff, As you are well aware many professionals over the age of 50 have been marginalized out of the work force. Could we make use of their significant skills in the effort to spearhead and expand worker co-ops and WSDEs? It would appear they would be a very good fit for this endeavor. This might utilize a very wasted resource the traditional capitalism model has decided to abandon.

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Your idea is excellent and compelling. What it needs is a core of individuals with the time and imagination to organize its realization. Democracy at Work has the platforms to facilitate that organization. Might you be able and willing to begin the organization?

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  • Betsy Avila
    responded with submitted 2017-01-04 07:18:09 -0500
  • Bobbi Wings
    commented 2017-01-03 22:01:41 -0500
    I am not Richard Wolff. However I think this is a great idea. Mechanization and exporting of jobs will only continue and unless we come to our senses and offer those soon to be displaced workers options such as early retirement, Universal Basic Income, etc. then they arent going to be any good to society at all. We need to find a place for all of our citizens and we have alot of aging people in this country.

    Often times when dealing with the younger generation they have trouble making certain leaps of logic. Such as thinking history is already set in stone and the corporate capitalism model is too entrenched to be challenged. Well more seasoned folks with a longer sense of history have alot to offer in the way of envisioning what is possible beyond the millennial bubble, for lack of a better term.

    The 50+ crowd has experienced the kind of social, economic political, etc upheaval that the younger generation cannot even envision, let alone have enough experience with to take life lessons from. This depth and breadth of experience should go far in inspiring and guiding our younger generation towards new, more sustainable, business models. Including coops and all the other alternate models we can imagine.

    Thats my 2 cents anyway given what I see around me.
  • Bobbi Wings
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  • George N Romey
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