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Rick, yes you are right with "What Now?". Trump with the support of both houses (and that is the worst possible result of this election) will do exactly the opposite of what should be done in the current situation. Climate good bye, trickle down theory again, nuclear power rising a.s.o. He will lower the taxes especially for people like himself. Well, sometimes I think the wealthy people in the US don't care if the mass could make a revolution. They are living in their gated communities and if the situation gets worse the hop onto their private jets and leave the country. Here in Germany they say that the managers and politicians have already bought themselves land in Canada so that they have a place to go and then can let the rest of the people deal with the problems. I am not sure what will happen to the universities. Trump hates scientist and intellectuals (just like Mao and Stalin did!!!). I have the slight feeling that this election could have been a terrible mistake. But the Democrats made two major mistakes. First Pres. Obama did not deliver what the american people were waiting for. Second they choose a candidate that was as bad as the repulican one. I believe Bernie could have won this easily, even as a socialist. And I think that a lot of people - especially the young (students for instance) - did not vote, because they were not able to decide between Scylla and Charybdis. Regards, Bill

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All good seems often now that the small groups at the top of capitalist societies believe themselves free to pursue ever more wealth and power without having to fear any sustained or successful push back by popular and/or radical forces. Thus they miss the signs of pushback in Occupy Wall Street, Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matter and so on. But then again, most past empires also collapsed largely because of their over-reaching, not recognizing the limits to their wealth and power.

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