Conspiracy Theory

I am not a friend of conspiracy theories. But when I am thinking of the fact even the super rich people in the world are beginning to realize that capitalism might be near its end, I cannot help that the idea comes to my mind that the political crisis that we are facing are willingly provoced. Here in Germany the housing prices are rising at a pathological speed. In my hometown 2,000 students cannot find a room at a reasonable rent. People of the lower middle class cannot rent apartments, because the richer ones are paying more than the others can afford. There is too much cheap money in the hands of the rich and they dictate the prices for real estate. Real estate is the only possibility to secure your wealth when the next crisis hits us, because people have to live somewhere and so they have to pay rent. In Germany the number of rented apartments and houses are 3 times higher that the owned ones. But back to my conspiracy. Is it possible that the super rich and the politicians in charge force the chance of going to war? We here in western Europe would be in the middle if Nato and Russia would go against each other. Sometimes I think they don't care because they believe that such a conflict could not harm them.

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Capitalism played major roles in both World Wars, the bloodiest wars in human history. In WW1, it was a growing capitalism and its competition that drove both colonialism and imperialism and then the conflicts among competing capitalists and nations that culminated in the war. In the case of WW2, capitalism's global breakdown in 1929 so traumatized masses of people that some found fascist solutions to the mass unemployment and suffering caused by capitalism's crisis, and that then led to war. It would therefore be extremely naive not to imagine that if the current capitalist crisis since 2008 worsens, a solution around warfare may well be found. Indeed, the endless US wars in Iraq, Afghanisatn, Yemen, Libya, and soon Syria may be beginnings of all that. Yes, the leaders fear war, but they fear capitalism's implosion as well.

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  • Bill Schulte
    commented 2016-11-08 03:47:35 -0500
    Rick, the second WW was not started because of the allmight fantasies of Hitler only. The main reason was that the Reich was bancrupt and Hitler besides other goals wanted to get access to the oil fields of Aserbaidschan. An there was a saying in Germany by then: “Behind every german tank there’s right away the Dresdner Bank” by which you can see who wanted the money back that was lend to the government. Regards, Bill
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  • Richard Wolff
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