Global Capitalism: Capitalism vs Socialism Today [August 2017]

Global Capitalism: "Capitalism vs Socialism Today"
with Richard D. Wolff 
Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum & Judson Memorial Church

These programs begin with 30min of short updates on important economic events of the last month...READ MORE

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  • Jeff Pierro
    commented 2017-08-15 10:14:51 -0400
    Richard, the FAA is an adminstration, not an agency. Also, in an emergency aircraft evacuation, your life is obviously already in danger. The space between the seats is insignificant. You’re a “professor”? …smh…
  • Benjamin Schroeder
    commented 2017-08-13 08:49:28 -0400
    Deceit and Deception
    Deceit – the act of representing as true what is known to be false; deceiving or lying – a dishonest action or trick, fraud or lie
    Deception – the fact or condition of being deceived – something that deceives, as an illusion, or is meant to deceive, as a fraud.

    This past weekend I listened to your program(s) about the Chinese companies coming to America to setup business. Three examples you used were in: Arkansas, Massachusetts and Wisconsin. In all cases it sounded like Jobs, Jobs and Jobs, which sounds good. The Governors, state officials, congress and the President Trump hailed this to show the American public what a wonderful job they are doing to get American going again. But at what cost to the American people?

    You did well in pointing out what the real costs are going to be. Talk about deceit and deception! Is America that stupid not to see what is going on? I know I was until I heard your recent programs. I have been a listener of your programs for several years.
    What is America going to look like when President Trump finishes his first term in office? I believe that if conditions continue, America will become like Venezuela and “all hell” will break loose. I believe, Americas way of life will disintegrate very rapidly. When conditions are ripe, all of America will lose all hope and the rule of the mob will ensue. Then “Marshall Law” will be imposed.

    The news media (most forms of communication) and anything vital to living is being manipulated to deceive. What can the average American do?

    Only the “rich and big monopolies” will rule the world – thus a return to the middle ages.
    All I can do is get ready for the worst!
  • David- Seed
    commented 2017-08-11 04:34:33 -0400
    Can’t comment on youtube so here I say… get it right! The name is Jeremy CorbYn.