Global Capitalism: April 2017 Monthly Economic Update

Global Capitalism: "Trump’s Big Economic Plans Fade"
with Richard D. Wolff 
Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum & Judson Memorial Church

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  • Jeremy Wells
    commented 2017-04-17 13:17:28 -0400
    The following comment was made on Common Dreams article about Bernie Sanders. Link:

    Sanders and Perez to Launch Nationwide ‘Fight Back’ Tour in Maine

    Here is my comment:

    Bernie Sanders, like all “progressives”, has no solution to the many economic, social, ecological and political crises that are created by the capitalist economy.

    Both Democratic and Republican parties are supporters, by all means including nuclear war, of the now globalized capitalist economic system, offering only reforms, taxation, and criminal attacks against individual capitalists. When Bernie Sanders was asked the reason for the increasingly barbaric economic inequality, he said it was caused by “greed”. This is nonsense as greed, one of the 7 “deadly sins”, is a personality problem, not a macro-economic crisis.

    The working class majority of the U.S., and globally, desperately needs to end globalized capitalism and transition to a globalized socialist economic system that provides all people with an universal minimum standard of living. A socialized enterprise is socially owned (not privately owned) that is democratically controlled and under workers’ management.

    Note Marxist economist educator Richard D. Wolff Economic Update radio program, Democracy at Work worker owned, managed co-operative enterprise.
  • Rose Lain
    commented 2017-04-15 00:27:49 -0400
    I love Thom Hartmann too, but I watched him pigeonhole some of the craziness that is going on in Congress, by labeling and adding credibility unintentionally. Nearly all of Congress is in the third cycle, as evidenced by their behavior. Why would the DNC deny support in local races? Why the Democrats cannot think of solutions – they seem to only know how to voice opposition are just go along. Can they think? There are answers other than war. It is asinine to keep entertaining ‘abortion issues’; big government; tax reductions; etc. when the states are robbing their citizens, and unscrupulous business people are allowed to take advantage of the least of us.
  • Rose Lain
    commented 2017-04-15 00:09:40 -0400
    I have some ideas, could I please run them by you ??? Sample: It is an error to place labels on prominent people. Ex. Socialist vs Capitalist. Reasoning: We live in a totally different kind of society – the old labels don’t fit, and they get in the way of real thought, real progress. Life cycles of social institutions apply to economies, nations, governments, politics and political parties. They start out applying ‘intellect: their decisions are based upon ideology and principles. In the next cycle decisions are ’relational’: they are based upon loyalty and trust of whomever is accepted as ‘in charge’. In this second cycle decision-makers have attachment to people who were the thinkers, but have no personal assessment of the thoughts being pushed or followed. This cycle evolves into the ‘self-interest’ cycle. This third cycle ignores conscience, and measures success not by helping the fellowman, but by greed, avarice, entitlement, prejudice, fear and hate-mongering or any other trait that leads to winning at all cost, even a holocaust or nuclear war. In the third cycle there is no real reasoning, it is characterized by an emotional state of wanting to look good.