Economic Update: US's Profit-Driven Medicine

[S9 E43] US's Profit-Driven Medicine

The first half of this week’s episode of Economic Update features updates from Professor Wolff on Berlin, Germany's law freezing all rents for...READ MORE


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  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2019-11-25 13:02:11 -0500
    Universal suffrage does not guarantee equality and eliminate manipulation and misuse of democracy by corporations and govt. You are correct about this and we see it AGAIN through public school budgets and family court industry which caters to… “half of us”… at the expense of the other half,,, enriching the bureaucrat’s controlling these things from the pocket books of … “all of us”…,, Its a win-win ,, brilliant! It would be sad to admit that large voting majorities do not provide fair, just and equal provisional government to all the people (and too then justify this belief made by a very unpopular historical doctrine)