Economic Update: The Emerging New World Economy: A New Empire, a Multipolar World, or a Post-Capitalist System

[S13 E17] New

Four key changes drive a new world economy emerging from the old. First is capitalism's transition from neoliberal,globalizing to nationalistic capitalism. This includes the shift of capitalism's center from western Europe and the US to Asia and the global south and also includes the deepening economic inequality inside most nations. Second is the end of the stale, old debate between private and state capitalism (misnamed as capitalism vs socialism) in favor of private + state capitalism hybrids. Third is the post-peak decline of the US empire. Fourth is the urgent question of what comes next: a new empire, a multipolar world, or a new post-capitalist system that replaces...READ MORE

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  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2023-05-17 09:02:00 -0400
    Congratulations for realizing and revealing a great deal of truth, even if a great deal more has been left unrevealed by using a lot of new titles for old policies and forces. Now we need to reveal the State controlling capitalism which uses special interest to perpetuate a new industrial level income machine. One example of many is by using political correct fashion to turn family courts into business profiting assembly lines now raking in a trillion dollars annually for the States. Courts were created to determine fault, and “no fault” makes “No sense”. Although our product is only a now decimated family society with all its costly ills, it does generate an incredible profit dependent bureaucracy of offices which now are countless.