Economic Update: Political Strategy for Transition

[S9 E44] Political Strategy for Transition

This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff discusses a political strategy for transition beyond capitalism to an economy based on democratic worker-owned co-operatives. The first half explores...READ MORE

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  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2019-11-27 15:22:49 -0500
    Prof. Wolff,,, You are a very intuitive person who soulfully works to understand history to the depth not covered in schools. This presentation is very good. I have the same interest in trying to understand and fill in the gaps of histories drivers. I wrote a book in 2006 called ‘Reflection", by Guzziferno. It is a general discussion of the direction of humane society past and present and the governments role in its direction. My belief is much like yours, but I believe the feudal period must be understood by the fact that carnage and barbarism as the Romans coined the term, and fear played a great factor. Also, greed an incurable humane sickness which is still at its height today was the second driver for this subject. Capitalism took the place of feudalism as you say and for your reasons,, but do not believe the powers of greedy authority was checked or diminished. As you say universal suffrage does not solve our problems of injustice, while the chess masters live,, they simply manipulate a new scheme. The Calabrese have an old saying “the devil has many faces” (and flags) and he is constantly on the move. My understanding is also that from hunter gatherer societies we became agricultural. Over time some of us worked harder and more greedily producing more than they needed, they became richer, more powerful and began to buy control over others with land. This was happening in many lands at once and as they appeared like provincial cities of our day, they came in contact with one another and began to compete for enlargement becoming militarily organized, the common farmers in between these princes now found themselves between wars of these emerging powers and had to choose allegiance. They now needed the local princes castle for protection against the wars created by these same princes. In return for protection against the violence the princes created, they had to pay tribute to the prince in the form of supplies from their lands to feed the castle community with food labor and soldiery. As this tribute grew larger (deja vu) the common serf could not pay and eventually lost his parcel of land to the prince for whom he now had to work for using what was once his own land. He needed the castle for protection, food, security for his family and if he was not a part of someone’s castle he was left outside and at the mercy of his enemies, looters and raiders. You may believe feudalism was replaced but it was exported to the America’s where today if you are not one of the successful minority who manipulates his own successful business, you work for a corporation which provides salary, security (used to provide retirement benefits) and the all essential for survival “subsidized medical insurance”. If you leave the corporation (castle) you are left at the mercy of your enemies and the elements. So you see sir, I believe feudalism is very much alive as compared to Europe were it was greatly reduced. My home in Calabria costs me 200 dollars annually in property tax, (same as northern Minnesota) except if I cannot pay because of evident and innocent reasons my home can never be taken away from me, considered sacrilege there, unlike my(?) home here, 11 grand here in NY annually. The Nazis were horrible bastards who pulled you out of your home and shot you,, here they pull you out and let you live in the democratic gutter the rest of your life taking everything you love and worked for since childhood. Hope you will pardon my emotion. Looking forward to your upcoming presentation.
  • Benjamin Schroeder
    commented 2019-11-22 19:00:21 -0500
    The American Party for the People
    What is the American Party?
    • Different from the Democratic and Republican Parties! This American Party will not accept the candidates of either party, the parties of failure, the parties for the rich 1%.
    • Not very different from a Socialist party, but with changes and ideas that are defined for a better work place and a happy goal for all people!
    • Not Capitalism as we know it today. More like a worker cooperation’s.
    • Looking for people who believe there has got to be a better way for national/state governments for all the people. Groups such as: a) Trade unions, b) work associations, c) from the business work place where all workers have equal say in decisions are made, d) worker coop’s) and etc. will be accepted.
    Development of the American Party!
    • Believes in the American Constitution of the people, by the people and for the people, NOT of the rich/wealthy/the 1%/etc. who created the present situation in the world!
    • Believes in democracy, human rights “Deceit and Deception” will not be tolerated, the government and people of power must be truthful and be accountable for what they say, or they will remove!
    • Present elected officials must represent the people or be removed from office, if they represent powerful interest groups and wealthy 1%.
    • Believes in representive government. Everyone pays their fair share through taxes including the upper 1% who are taxed at the appropriate rate, no loop holes or foreign ownership accepted.
    • The Court Judges must make ruling based on the constitution and not on the whims of the rich and powerful lawyers. The rule of law must prevail!
    • (more to come)
    Professor Wolff,
    Yes, this will be an uphill battle to form a new party. We know the present form of government will not be easily persuaded that a third party is necessary or wanted. The time is now with the turmoil around the world. The U.S.A. already has experienced some of this unrest, but a leader must emerge to coordinate this restless energy into something positive. If this restless energy is allowed to run/operate freely, the result will be a society falling apart and lawlessness to be the rule of the land.
    P.S. Your updates are interesting! Keep up the good work.