Economic Update: Inflation - How Markets Fail

[S12 E17] New

In this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about Sri Lanka’s economic crisis as a global example, and how US billionaires escape taxation at our expense. In the second half, Wolff discusses...READ MORE

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  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2022-05-10 23:26:19 -0400
    Free markets, free enterprise, freedom to manipulate laws by those who control finance, freedom to hold nations in debt, freedom for banks to rule, thank god I live in a country that believes in freedom. This show always gravitates around the problem of uncontrolled capitalism, but like a satellite stuck in gravitational orbit we never land on solid ground or reality. So what do we expect now? that these powers discussed will voluntarily turn around and repent, recalibrate legal standards and undue the unjust laws they created? dump 90% of ill gotten wealth into charity? How do you control capitalism without being labeled and categorized under totalitarianism or the dreaded F word? Its a slow death in orbit but at least we can continue to point our finger from space in the time that remains to us. All in all this was another very informative lecture, thank you.