Economic Update: How US Workers are Really Treated

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This week on Economic Update, Prof. Wolff pays homage to Mikis Theodorakis, Greek musician and political hero, and discusses Starbucks workers in Buffalo, the economic fallout of Supreme Court's anti-abortion act, what Hurricane Ida fatalities show, and the $8 trillion cost...READ MORE

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  • Nj Osborne
    commented 2021-10-12 13:44:09 -0400
    n budget reconciliation. 

       Here’s a note I sent to the Prez. 
    Thanks to His “gatekeepers” and “handlers”   
    -> I highly doubt if he saw or understood it. 

    I was doing my grad work, while a Forester for the State of Minnesota and am proud of the work that we, including Skip Humphrey, did to protect our Forests and Environments. 
    I’ve seen how government works up close. 
    Either the Dems are complicit in this Farce with Moscow Mitch, titled “The Budget” (little more than a suppression for the People)! 
    $1.9 Trillion? What happened to the $10 Trillion? 
    Or you are all just Corporate dupes! 
    YOU and your Oil Barrons pals, 
    -> You’re poisoning this Planet! 
    Plus, your recent behavior, let’s go on Vacation and further IDIOCIES?
    AND this, it continues on its (kick the can) merry way! 
    Meanwhile, NODAPL started flowing Saturday, last! 
    And many Water Protectors are in jail protecting the water that you give to Your own Children. 
    Drinking polluted water? 
    This is Not an option!
    Grow crops on oil soaked fields? 
    My Grandparents left their home in Kansas during the Dust Bowl. 
    The horrors of those days haunted them till the last,  when they passed on to glory. That, DustBowl, was a man-made environmental disaster. 
    Pipelines, are today’s man-made, bursting, destroying wildlife on miles of great beaches, species eradication, fishing industry depleted, unemployment,  . . .  
    Tick tock tick, nada, Tick tick tick to the Zero hour.
    But, what the hay, (Dust Bowl, joke) as long as you’re, covering up for Hiz criminal behavior. Claimed emoluments, (giving family and grifters alike) departing gifts and trinkets
    (like, Golden bejeweled and trimmed with the hides of endangered animals). With the Bonus of (“I got mine”) $7 Trillions excess debt, upon the  Orange Man’s Watch .$.$.$. . . 
    We, the People with > No healthcare then forced into paying $30 Trillion of their Excessive STUFF?
    Resolute that We, end up with a Planet, totally uninhabitable! That’s Unbelievable! 
    Even the foreign oligarchy are paid
    for the excesses of $XXX.oo billion to criminals, like Netanyahu, before We, your own fellow Americans! 
    -> $600 billion, to the “I don’t know “ of Military officers replying in Congressional testimony
    and (“no can to be kicked here!”) lobbyist of the industrial Complex. 
    Believe me, we understand the majical (“These are not the Droids, you are looking for!”) Govspeek.
    You demand that, the People should somehow be  “obligated!” Somehow and to thank you for that? 
    Sorry, but Billions, if not Trillions disappeared “overseas?” 
    Is That insane ? 
    Justifying Military Arms Cartels, both here and abroad ?!? 
    Que, Peso?  No “Peace Dividends?” Amigo?
    How stupid do you, da people in power, think that, We, The People, are?!?
    We watched as you stacked the deck against the people.
    We saw what what you did!
    All you did was finish off, the last payments of the richest people who ever existed!! 
    The ONLY THING YOU PROVED iS, that relic of Jim Crow,
    -> “The Filibuster” is a processing monster, that’s quite alive and well.  
    AND, more than a feeling of , I got mine.
    Dixycrat Joe Manchin, he made over $500 millions, on just one of his coal mines, operated by his kid!  
    That’s Clean Coal < > scrub a dub dub
    Progressive, say, WHAT
    What did that sound like?
    Privileged, Entitled . . . ?
    Can one Imagine, a Drama Queen named Cinema, in the Senate ?
    Klown, Corporatist, Bette Davis in drag, perhaps?
    I’d say, what I really think, but no one will print it. 
    In the end,
    suckered, at best. nothing but sellouts, at worst.
    Ya might say, I’m justly, disappointed.

    On Fri, Oct 8, 2021 at 12:53 PM Biden-Harris Alert

    I s it, we need a general strike for a couple of weeks?
    Grandpa was a traveling lawyer for Unions, so the story goes. Fighting against collusion, bureaucratic influence, corruption within the system, almost 100 years ago.