Economic Update: Capitalism and Mental Health

[S9 E37]

This week on Economic Update Professor Wolff delivers updates on the ICE raid in Mississippi, global comparisons of gun violence and conservatives’ reactions to...READ MORE

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  • Amanda Woods
    commented 2023-07-07 07:10:47 -0400
    The article you shared offers a thought-provoking analysis of the relationship between capitalism and mental health. It sheds light on the systemic factors that contribute to the challenges individuals face in maintaining their mental well-being within a capitalist society.

    As I reflected on the impact of capitalism on mental health, it became clear that addressing our mental well-being requires both personal and systemic approaches. While we navigate the complexities of capitalism, it’s essential to prioritize our mental health and seek support when needed.

    That’s why I wanted to mention a valuable resource called Calmerry, which provides online therapy services. It offers a safe and accessible space for individuals to address their mental health concerns. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of capitalism or any other challenges, exploring online therapy might be a helpful step. You can find more information here:

    By acknowledging the influence of capitalism on mental health and actively taking steps to care for ourselves, we can strive for a healthier and more balanced well-being. Let’s continue to advocate for a society that prioritizes mental health and provides accessible resources for everyone.
  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2019-11-18 20:49:14 -0500
    It is true that unlike Europe where I lived for 12 years working for our Defense Dept. Europeans are less mentally stressed and could never understand the violence they saw on their news reflecting murder in the U.S. We have more stress caused by insecurities, or our security always threatened by a system that does not take care of us. In Europe they have medical, protection of property, affordability for poor middle class not having to share in wealth taxes etc. But one of the things Harriet will probably not discuss is the industry of family court in America which has stripped 95% of fathers in this country of their children and or primary custody simply because their plumbing is not under the politically favored correct umbrella. All of the school shooters came from fatherless homes. Texas correctional facility studies found to be the same in other states display figures that reflect 90 % of young incarcerated men and unwed woman with children in teen years coming from fatherless homes.In America as in other nations now we are experiencing the abduction of children from the fathers in family courts. Many of these children are then alienated from their fathers by the mothers. There has now been generated volumes of studies (medical, social and political) discussing the subjugation of children and fathers to this new legislation. The results include “overwhelmingly” the 1st generation single parent or fatherless boys of the 1960’s divorce surge. These are the school shooters of the 1980’s, when we first saw the beginning of these new troubled teenagers. They are the visible ones because of their actions and only a fraction of all those who suffer and are unheard. The problem comes from social / legal changes which are now fueled by the legislature and the money sources behind them. The State family court business now fuels an army of civil servants which range from state child psychiatrists, social workers, protective agents, child Institutions fueled by colluding justices which share in profits, support collecting agencies, judges and lawyers, armed guards / police etc. They now share in part and thrive off state/provincial treasuries subsidized by the Federal government (one dollar for every dollar collected from fathers under Title IV-D of the U.S. social security act 42 USC section 658a). Under Federal Law, a “custodial parent” is mandated for states to qualify for billions of dollars in performance grants which leaves the other parent without custody. This staged conflict or litigation fuels an industry estimated to receive a trillion dollars to all involved nationwide annually. This incentive for the state (provincial governments) creates the conflict of interest for the courts from either protecting coherency in family to advocate the separation of family unequally which increases desperation, litigation hence, its market. To make this system prolific, successful and easy the laws have stripped the father of equal custody rights in court while automatically giving the mother immediate custody leaving the burden of struggle and proof in court to the father. It creates the conflict by unequal division and allows easy opportunity for selfish individuals providing the incentive for many mothers to be a part of this growing practice. The levels of divorce now affects 80% of our population wed in the recent 30 years, population to include 1st and 2nd marriages even if they are now remarried. 70% of separation and divorce petitions are now being initiated and presented by woman. Despite the breech of the marriage contract,(due obviously to some fault unless there is a mutual agreement to separate) the state laws use the certificate of matrimony to confiscate property, income and children from the fathers (in fewer cases the mother also) without investigating cause for abandonment. AND, If the state refuses to look for cause and/or motive (under the present “no fault” law adopted several years ago), then they should not be in the business of adjudicating….since no fault should apply and implies both parents,,, but the burden of loss in child and payments falls on the father therefore; he must somehow bear fault? Each parent has the right of Due Process equally. Unless it is accepted and proven by the law makers that a father feels less torment and pain when he loses his children, the parents must be examined independently for fault, their ability to proper parenting, Immaturity, selfishness, irresponsibility and attempting to corruptly profit. This now being achieved since 95% of mothers in separation attain primary custody in Family courts of law at this time. This year alone we have witnessed suicides by respectable fathers veterans who were barred from seeing their children, some for years while losing everything to child support and while the spouse is free to practice her lifestyle with reward and without investigation or judgement. The government’s involvement in partaking in this profit is now rampant. It is quite possible that one of our Senators (Hon.Nancy Schaffer of Georgia) lost her life in the attempt to expose this corruption nationally ten years ago. In short professor, this industry or self built empire one of 7 which now feeds on us like the energy, education, banking, corporation (which does operate in feudalism!), Defense, medical and god knows what else,,, is destroying us. So how do we change determined mindless capitalist forces that continue to consolidate their control… without force??? In closing let me say that we admire you and watch your shows and documentaries with agreement, this summer I marched with a parents right movement / Leon Koziol in DC meeting with as many congressmen as possible,, what else can we do?
  • John Lamb
    commented 2019-10-20 20:35:42 -0400
    This is a good explanation of how and why working people voted in Trump, their enemy. Thank you.