Economic Update: The US Economy As An Apartheid System

[EU S14 E05]

This week's episode of Economic Update hosted by Professor Richard Wolff, we will be discussing the continuing decline of US manufacturing; a 29,000 person strike at California State Univ.; the Houthis disrupt Red Sea shipping in move against Israel; and Texas refuses to obey US federal government's rules in struggle over immigration and white supremacy. In addition we have a special Interview with leading economist Prof. Michael Hudson on basic crises facing US capitalism. Read More...

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  • Nicole Sirois
    commented 2024-03-06 04:27:26 -0500
    The continuing decline of US manufacturing is a topic that warrants attention. Understanding the factors contributing to this decline and its implications for the economy is crucial. It will be interesting to hear Professor Wolff’s insights and analysis on this matter.
  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2024-02-06 08:50:02 -0500
    In Italy rent is established by square meter space specifically, a landlord cannot name their own price without regulation even in commercial buildings or office space.
    It is true that land lords are the greatest group of profit makers with the least investment of work and effort (after stock traders), their bills for struggling families and small business are outrageous.
    This all goes back to history of using money and monopolizing wealth with the introduction of money along with the more important control and manipulation of costs, for labor / services, materials and real estate. The power to value and devalue in their favor by those who control currency.