Dear Prof. Wolff:

Dear Prof. Wolff: I’ve been a KPFK volunteer (and sometime radio personality) for some forty years, and am anxious to meet you this evening in Los Angeles. I’d appreciate your touching on these (related) issues, during your talk: 1. How, in modern history, American currency has been based on debt (such as banking “acceptances”), rather than on actual assets. 2. How, the banks and the “Fed” create money “out of thin air,” an odd, and arguably dramatically inflationary, practice (sometimes amounting to $ Billions or even Trillions). 3. How “Founder,” Alexander Hamilton may—in financial terms--not have been a friend of the new United States of American, and how his policies were strongly opposed by figures like Jefferson and Jackson. 4. How England’s prohibition of the American colonies issuing its own paper currency may have been a more important issue that “taxation w/o representation.” 5. How, the quasi-governmental entity, Federal Reserve Board, may have played a very egregious—even dangerous—role through American history, including connections with international bankers, and how the American public is forced to pay interest on any currency which is issued by that body. Cordially, DrTCH

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  • Dr. Thomas Halle
    commented 2017-04-20 09:58:27 -0400
    1. Obviously, “United States of American” should read “United States of America.”
    2. (in #4) “that” should be “than.”
  • Dr. Thomas Halle
    commented 2017-04-20 09:55:04 -0400
    I now see two typos. Any way to edit my comments?
  • Dr. Thomas Halle
    tagged this with good 2017-04-20 09:55:04 -0400
  • Dr. Thomas Halle
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