Dialogue Works: Ukraine Losing, Russia Winning, Neocons Endless Defeats - Tucker's Interview

Prof Wolff joins Dialogue Works to provide insights on his perspective regarding the interview with Vladimir Putin by Fox News host Tucker Carlson. He discusses the importance of such interviews as opportunities to understand official positions and potentially uncover new information about international conflicts such as the war in Ukraine. Wolff criticizes American media for attacking Carlson and emphasized the need for open communication and the value of letting opponents like Putin express their views. He mentions the historical context and past conflicts that shape Russia's defensive posture and notes the change in trade currency from the dollar, indicating a strategic shift by Russia towards other economies. Lastly, Wolff observes Carlson's journey of realization and potential ideological shift as he recognizes the discrepancies between propagated narratives of U.S. capitalism and the realities he is beginning to acknowledge.

Watch here

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