Dialogue Works: NATO's Hunger to Lose - George Galloway's Win - Nuland's Resignation

Prof Wolff joins Dialogue Works to discuss current geopolitical tensions, including Europe's involvement in Ukraine, neoconservative influence in US foreign policy, and the shifting balance of power in the global economy. He highlights the West's failure to undermine Russia, European politicians' refusal to admit mistakes, and the risks Europe faces by aligning too closely with the US. He stresses the need for Europe to form a distinct economic block and advocates for reevaluating relationships with Russia and China given their growing economic influence. Wolff also comments on the changing US domestic political landscape and its potential impact on foreign policy decisions. Lastly, he acknowledges the shifting global economic power from the G7 to BRICS, predicting it will result in more countries turning to BRICS for better economic and political deals.

Watch here

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