Why do you hold your monthly economic updates at a church?

Even Upton Sinclair in The Jungle did not go easy on the church, the church has always been an accomplice to the few in bringing malice upon the masses. It is a conflict of interest, the people are evolving as they pursue new ideas to gain more equality, and those new ideas have led them to you as you provide alternative economic systems. The church will always be on the side of the elites and it will always be that way. Even Pope Frances attempts to separate himself from his predecessors, but when it comes to humane issues like gay rights, he won't cross that bridge and support their case. The masses want equality in all facets of life, and its time you step away from the institution that has a long history of oppression. Doug Eaker

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Churches, like all other institutions, reflect, embody and affect the larger societies in which they exist. That means they include the contradictions, disagreements, differences of opinion and political perspectives of those larger societies. Churches, clerics, etc thus display the whole range of all those differences. All churches are not the same, not even close. In most cases, church members share some but not all the values of their particular institution, their particular cleric, etc. Church members likewise have all sorts of disagreements among themselves. Basically because of some basic shared values, our arrangement with the Judson Memorial Church has been very successful in reaching out to (by now) thousands of attendees at our monthly evening presentations and sharing with them our economic analyses. I believe that this has been mutually beneficial to the church, to us, and to our shared values.

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