Do public teachers/counselors/admin who are in unions get OT pay versus non-union school personnel?

I live in Texas, where there are no unions for the people who work at a school, and because they are an exempt worker, they do not get any paid overtime. The school system budget in Texas has been cut back over the years, and to manage it, school districts have consolidated schools into mega-schools and cut out any redundant functions. This means the workers are now taking on more workload, teachers have more students per classroom, counselors have double to triple the amount of kids they manage, and the result is all employees are working a minimum of 48 hours a week to a max of 64 hours. Most administrators are putting in a minimum of 60 hours plus per week. These people are worked to levels that life isn't all that great these days, but if any of them question the hours they are working, they will be blacklisted and eventually fired. The environment is tyranny, people need their jobs and even though the workload is beyond any quality life, they will not challenge the system in fear of losing their jobs. Do these people have a path to challenge the system via a third party humanitarian group? Is there any legal non-profit groups who are taking the government/school systems to court for illegal practices? I want to know how to get involved and help these people. thank you

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  • Douglas Eaker
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