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Dr. Wolff, I find your program incredibly interesting. It has shed a lot of light during such a difficult period. A lot of people are currently reacting to the election, believing certain social issues are to blame: racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc. People want change, which is understandable. But they are blinded to the truth that the system itself needs to be addressed. I believe the average person will lack the attention span to even follow the information you present to us. I am part of the small college educated millennial population that can watch a 90 minute video. I see the implications of the information presented. But for your message to affect the masses, I believe your message needs to be condensed. Unfortunately, I am unsure how to go about this, but perhaps I can provide some insights into it. For example, the way Reagan presented trickle-down economics convinced the American people this was the way to go. Trump has made it clear that catch phrases and good marketing will win. Therefore, we need to do the same. What are your current efforts to make this happen? Thank you again for your program and the work that you do. It is up to us now.

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My major efforts are focused on the daily tweets and memes we send out via facebook, twitter and instagram. Please click on their icons - located on our website, - to follow us that way and please let other interested folks know about this way of partnering/connecting to us. Those efforts on our part reflect precisely the point you make.

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