The Earth is Round

Hi, I love your show, and play it on my local LPFM station, KLDK in Dixon, NM. I appreciate your careful and lucid economic analysis. However, there's something I don't hear you talk about. We live on the surface of a sphere. All economic activity is hence a subset of this ecosphere that supports us and everything we do. Other than energy from the sun, everything we consume comes from this, and all of our waste goes into it. Indications are that we are currently in a state of overshoot in various ways, meaning that the Earth cannot continue to sustain our current level of economic activity, much less growing activity. Would you be willing to include this extra dimension in your show? Best, Chuck Wright Dixon, NM

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I agree that the show does too little of this and will try to improve on that. Thanks for your interest and your communication.

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  • Richard Wolff
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