What is the REAL justification for Trump's "new strategy" for Afghanistan.

The Disconnect between Trumps earlier position on Afghanistan and what he is doing now can not go unnoticed by anyone. IS this all simply "War as for-profit Business" OR is their ANY real strategic end-game for anyone? Surely to God people see that more Billions and more bloodshed here will have the same effect it has had since Bush 43? OR, is there more to this?

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There are always multiple causes shaping an event (just as there are clashing causes blocking or delaying that same event). So yes, war profiteering is a clear cause for escalating a military operation as Trump has just done in Afghanistan. But avoiding the geo-political effects of a withdrawal that would be seen as a defeat is also a cause. So too is Trump's need to do something Democrats will find difficult to attack after the fiasco of his behavior around the Charlottesville killing. Such causes (and there are more) overwhelmed the counter causes such as his campaign statements against the Afghan war, his desire to cut taxes without ballooning further deficits, and other such counter causes. Whether and how concerns about bloodshed and lost wealth and long-term political effects figured in the Trump regime's calculations of the multiple causes is anybody's guess.

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    Ask Prof. Wolff: What is the REAL justification for Trump's "new strategy" for Afghanistan.
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