Investment Opportunities to support Worker Owned Enterprises

I'm interested in a couple potential possibilities to support the expanding sector of the economy one might call, "people-powered". Are there investment opportunities that would provide a reasonable return on investment that would support Worker Owned Enterprises/Co-Ops? Thanks, Bill

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The simplest answer is yes. Over and over again, worker coops have delivered profits as good or better than conventional capitalist enterprises. Of course, any enterprise entails risks - worker coops as well as capitalist enterprises - but there is no warrant for thinking that the latter are worthwhile investments while the former are not. Here in the US, what an investor needs is some reliable guidance in locating and collaborating with worker coops seeking outside investments. 

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  • Bill Wright
    commented 2016-11-24 13:15:56 -0500
    Hi Prof. Wolff, Thanks so much for taking the time to address my question. You’ve corroborated my sense that Worker Co-Ops represent a viable investment opportunity. My remaining question is finding the, “guidance in locating and collaborating with worker coops seeking outside investment”. How does one go about doing that? In the meantime, I will do some more digging on the internet. Thanks again. In support of this important work. Bill
  • Bill Wright
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  • Richard Wolff
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