What's stopping anyone from starting a company that operates as Marx envisioned?

Prof. Wolff, I recently watched one of your lectures where you explained that the fundamental principles of Socialism aren't about its history or the various attempts at its implementation (evolutionary / revolutionary), but it's about the basic concept that companies should essentially be equally owned and controlled by its workers. And of course, the success of the company should benefit the workers equally - thus creating liberty, egality and brotherhood in society. I believe this is exactly how you described Marx' original vision of Socialism. There currently exists in the U.S. every mechanism required to make this common place in our society. I can draft an Operating Agreement, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, and then register an LLC that would create the exact entity that Marx described and envisioned as Socialism. Additionally, we have an existing judicial system that would enforce the provisions of the Operating Agreement, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws should anyone attempt to breach them. So my questions are: have you ever tried to start or been a part of a company that has been successful at doing this? Do you know of any companies that have been successful at doing this? If not, why not? Why aren't more people doing this? Finally, since the mechanism already exists in the current U.S. economic system to implement Socialism as envisioned by Marx, why aren't you dedicating your time to teaching, consulting and promoting its actual current implementation?

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